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292 We Are Oxymorons

As we go into Thanksgiving week a recap of how the COVID–19 surge has been affecting both Elsie and Jess, which leads them down the

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291 Close The Loop!

Man oh man have we been sort of recovering from the wildness of the week! Not closing loops becomes a massive energy leak. Shout-out to

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290 When You Lose Power

Audio feedback about our Quibi conversation! Build relationships with mentors who have the expertise – you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Also, She Podcasts

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289 No Strings Attached

This is one of the most heated, emotional conversations Elsie and Jess have had in a long time. Listen. If you’re moved, send them feedback.

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288 Learn To Google

This is the second time that we are recording episode 288 – YAY TECHNOLOGY. And the trauma and frustration of podcast recording. UGH. Spotify news,

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287 Sweaty Bottoms

We launched, people! The Super Squad membership is ONE place to get ALL the resources we’ve ever created or will ever make. It is our

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284 Giving Zero Effs

The new She Podcasts Super Squad is almost open and we break down exactly what tools we used to put it together and how we

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