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304 Ambi-valent

International Women’s Day was all about the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag and how we challenge our own biases toward gender. We jump right into a debate –

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303 Group Therapy

Sign up for Podfest Global if you haven’t already! And why it’s stressing Elsie out, do Facebook ads actually convert? Jess shares how she’s made

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302 Talking Lady Box

If you liked Scooby-Doo as a kid, are you into true crime now? Are you on Amazon Music yet? Episode artwork looks great. Chartable podcast

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301 To Share Or Not To Share

Supporting companies that you don’t agree with? Supporting people that work for you that you don’t agree with? Who should make the choices? Who needs

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The 300th

We’ve been together with each other now for over 6 years and we are still here! WOW – 300 episodes!! Remembering the audio from our

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299 Elsie's Love Box

It’s the big 2–9–9, and episode 300 is right around the corner 😳 Could Pro Tools be a gatekeeper to podcasters? Diving back into Clubhouse

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298 A Bottle Of Wax

Chatting about how Apple is in talks with production companies to launch a subscription service. An off we go with all the speculation! Discussing whether

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297 A Giant Group Call

Happy New Year, everyone! We jump right in talking about Zoom filters 🧔🏻 💋 🤨 Then, we dive into all about Clubhouse, advantages, disadvantages and

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295 What's Your Price?

Audio quality is off because Elsie’s audio track was destroyed 🥺 Although we planned on doing a look back at 2020 we ended up talking

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