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316 Jobby Job Job

Scott’s big birthday stuff (Scott, don’t even pay attention to this) and why it’s more stressful than it should be. Elsie shares how comedy doesn’t

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315 Gigantornormous

Technical difficulties get the best of the She Podcasts team at the start of the episode. Also covering Spotify is making moves with transcripts &

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314 The Pi Episode

How audio editors are like your stylists, Spotify sharing update; you can finally share a specific timestamp from your podcast, we follow up about Call

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312 Brainus Interruptus

What your brain goes through from meeting to meeting with no break 😨 Research is proving that you need one ASAP! The Podcast news begins

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309 The Loudest Elsie Ever

Personal updates involving COVID–19 tests, being a hypochondriac, wine down the drain, pregnancy surprises, kicking sugar habits and making choices that make you feel good.

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308 Let's Color Together

Thanks for the love and support for our last episode! Jess had her first therapy appointment, and she gives us the scoop, IAB announces their

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306 Static Blow Up

Are people getting their nether regions waxed during Covid? NSFW talk ensues. Bonnie shares some pretty powerful audio feedback, Jess and Elsie debate about the

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305 A List of Don'ts

Update from Louisville Public Media, Elsie reveals some time-management tools, including Timery and Toggl, oh Daylight Savings really sucks, discussing the five things you need

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