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328 Maggot Mayhem

Our very first grossness disclaimer thanks to Elsie 😱 Airline tickets are cheap and our room block is selling out, get your #SPL21 tickets, then,

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327 We Are At The Top

The weirdest gifts from fans, including used lace underwear and a diamond necklace, jumping into the best way to monetize #podcasting – Apple offering 100%

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323 Don't Go Changing

A candid conversation about what it means to be a CEO and internal biases that we have about what to wear, how to behave, expectations

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321 Disney Analogies

Jennifer, the She Podcasts Live Event Coordinator, joins us as guest!  Jen shares all the details about how beautiful and unique the She Podcast’s Live

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320 Hot Dogs on a Stick

Starting off talking about mini golf, waterparks, batting cages and many other family outings for a good long while! Finally covering Spotify’s ‘Sound Up’ in

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319 Jessica Melts Down

Covering the Call Her Daddy 60 million deal with Spotify, Facebook podcasts, live Audio Rooms, and new FB Group Admin tools. Then it’s Spotify buying

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317 Pool Hopping

This is the what to expect at She Podcasts Live episode! Jess just got back from visiting the event venue for our upcoming conference in

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