February 19, 2021

302 Talking Lady Box

If you liked Scooby-Doo as a kid, are you into true crime now? Are you on Amazon Music yet?...
February 13, 2021

301 To Share Or Not To Share

Supporting companies that you don’t agree with? Supporting people that work for you that you don’t agree with? Who...
February 5, 2021

The 300th

We’ve been together with each other now for over 6 years and we are still here! WOW – 300...
January 29, 2021

299 Elsie’s Love Box

It’s the big 2–9–9, and episode 300 is right around the corner 😳 Could Pro Tools be a gatekeeper...

004 Super Stellar Podcast Growth Strategies

  Show 004 Quick-Guide What we’ve seen has been the most effective for marketing a podcast When you promote, do you know where your listeners are coming from? Jessica’s promotion workflow for Lady Business Radio Elsie’s promotion workflow for Libsyn’s The Feed Promoting your podcast BEYOND social media Is a dedicated podcast app worth it?

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003 The Unrealistic Expectations of Podcasting

  http://traffic.libsyn.com/shepodcasts/sp_003.mp3 Download MP3 Show 003 Quick-Guide What if your podcast was removed from iTunes do to copyright infringement? Should have podcasters known better than to use other people’s logos? The unrealistic expectations of podcasting What does it take for your podcast to live up to expectations You cannot boss your podcast listeners around The

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002 Why She Podcasts

  Show 002 Quick-Guide Who is SHE who podcasts? :35 Why Jessica podcasts 1:11 Why Elsie podcasts 2:49 And then the phone rang LOUDLY (keeping it real yo) 3:35 Why Cleo podcasts 5:59 Jessica leaves in the middle of the episode!!!! 6:15 Why she left the episode and why’s she’s back 7:00 Why Fabiola podcasts

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001 OMG! The She Podcasts Podcast!

Show 001 Quick-Guide Why did we start She Podcasts? 1:17 We are a clean podcast and an explicit podcast – get to know why 4:20 The state of women podcasters 5:39 Is it necessary to have a podcast FOR women podcasters? 17:49 Asking for reviews 2:10 Oh man…huge female and male generalizations! 27:04 Does getting

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