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275 Dude

Guys, dude, gendered language, and independence day. We have follow-ups about Mueller, She Wrote, and we continue to dive into a complex discussion on IP, owning your back catalogue, contracts, ownership and all kinds of other stuff that the growing podcasting industry now has to deal with. And of course, we finish off talking about

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274 Ethics, She Wrote

We are almost to three-hundred episodes, unbelievable! We follow-up with everyone on The Podcast Academy – there is a new sign-up process, which does not include recommendations! We dive deep into what went down with Mueller, She Wrote. Plus, we talk about corporations pulling their ads from Facebook, new stuff from Streamyard and an Elsie

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273 It’s Podcast Academy Time!

Why French Bull is the coolest ever, Elsie’s daughter was on Ochenta Stories! We give updates on The Podcast Academy – memberships are now accepted! And what the She Podcasts Team thinks. Plus, of course, podcasting news from Pandora, Spotify, Apple, and Twitter – and remember Ping and Clammr? Those were the days. EPISODE LENGTH

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272 Postponed To 2021

When you add more tech you create more possible points of failure, and we’re having one! Streaming and podcasting is not the same as only podcasting #truth We reveal why we cancelled She Podcasts Live and what we want to do next, plus chatting about The Podcast Academy, Spotify’s Sound Up Bootcamp and the latest

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271 An Explicit Strategy

It feels like since our last show it has been YEARS. Opening with the #podcasterforjustice initiative and moving through what the She Podcasts Team has gone through, works towards and makes explicit choices about. Have you checked out our sponsor Memberful? Wow! Are they amazing! If you’re looking to create some kind of membership experience

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270 Joe Who?

Ya, not about anybody named Joe, but it is all about Call Her Daddy. We break it down for you! The story of the boyfriend breaking up 2 BFFs is alive, people, alive and well. And we drop some other nuggets about Groupon, generators and OnlyFans…omg. Have you checked out our sponsor Memberful? Wow! Are

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