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the she podcasts diversity and inclusion commitment

One of the things that makes our community and events special is our willingness to be supportive and judgement-free for the greater good – podcasting. We all have important messages that need to be heard – regardless of race, sex, gender, politics, socio-economics or otherwise.
In our group, in-person and virtual, we are respectful.
We have zero tolerance for disrespect.
In our group, we are supportive.
We have zero tolerance for tearing one another down.
In our group, we are INCLUSIVE.
We have zero tolerance for conversations that isolate or insult any point of view.
In our group, we are kind. 
We have zero tolerance for unkind words or behavior.
In addition, we go out of our way and insist on promoting, inviting and making events accessible to women and non binary individuals that may not otherwise have a chance to be heard or seen. 
All She Podcasts staff and members of the planning committee for She Podcasts LIVE are committed to creating a welcoming, safe, and productive environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and retaliation for all who participate in its sponsored meetings, educational events, and activities, including online and social gatherings. All persons will conduct themselves in ways that reflect favorably on our community and on the podcasts and podcasters we represent, while contributing to a culture of respect.
She Podcasts has worked hard and will continue to do so – to listen and include a wide scope of participants and points of views to elevate and advance woman podcasters and those that support our collective work.