321 Disney Analogies

Jennifer, the She Podcasts Live Event Coordinator, joins us as guest!  Jen shares all the details about how beautiful and unique the She Podcast’s Live experience will be. Plus, N’Jeri Eaton leaving Apple Podcasts, iHeart launching a mentoring initiative program, The Story Seeds Podcast Mini-Camp, and fun tool tips! Looking to get an amazing podcast …

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319 Jessica Melts Down

Covering the Call Her Daddy 60 million deal with Spotify, Facebook podcasts, live Audio Rooms, and new FB Group Admin tools. Then it’s Spotify buying Podz and launching Greenroom. Lastly, so much emotion about Elsie rushing and why social media is driving Jess bonkers. Nominate a podcast! We love the International Women’s Podcast Awards https://www.shepodcasts.com/awards …

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316 Jobby Job Job

Scott’s big birthday stuff (Scott, don’t even pay attention to this) and why it’s more stressful than it should be. Elsie shares how comedy doesn’t translate too well. In the podcasting realm, Bailey Sarian of Murder, Mystery, and Makeup has a podcast, the BIPOC Women In Podcasting Survey, and Apple makes affiliate marketing easy to …

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306 Static Blow Up

Are people getting their nether regions waxed during Covid? NSFW talk ensues. Bonnie shares some pretty powerful audio feedback, Jess and Elsie debate about the appropriateness of pineapples and Common Sense Media + Apple, Google Podcasts updates and some pretty cool Elsie Tool Tips that involve headphones and fountain pens PRODUCE YOUR PODCAST IS AMAZING! …

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304 Ambi-valent

International Women’s Day was all about the #ChooseToChallenge hashtag and how we challenge our own biases toward gender. We jump right into a debate – do we have to learn things that we don’t care about? Plus, looking at your subscriptions in Google Podcasts, the new Spotify for women, Ambie Award nominations and finally keeping …

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303 Group Therapy

Sign up for Podfest Global if you haven’t already! And why it’s stressing Elsie out, do Facebook ads actually convert? Jess shares how she’s made herself the art director. We uncover what it takes to keep She Podcasts running and the importance of outsourcing on your entrepreneurial journey and being a boss. Attend the She …

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