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Hey, Podcast Goddess! Welcome to the She Podcasts Network, the only stage where your voice doesn't just echo—it freaking reverberates. If you've got a message that's too hot to handle and a thirst for turning your mic into a money printer, darling, you've just hit the jackpot.

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About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to the She Podcasts Network, the premier platform for women podcasters. Founded by women, for women, we are dedicated to amplifying the voices and stories of women from all walks of life. Over the past decade, She Podcasts has grown into a vibrant community where women support, inspire, and uplift each other. Now, with the She Podcasts Network, we are taking our mission to new heights, creating a space where diverse voices can shine and be heard by audiences around the globe.

Our network is built on our community foundation of inclusivity, creativity, and empowerment. We believe in the power of storytelling and the unique perspectives that women bring to the podcasting world. Whether you're a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, the She Podcasts Network is here to provide you with the tools, resources, and support you need to succeed. Our network features a wide array of shows across various genres, all created by women who are passionate about sharing their experiences and insights.

At She Podcasts Network, we are more than just a network—we are a sisterhood. Our community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are committed to fostering an environment where every woman feels valued and heard. Join us as we celebrate the art of podcasting and the incredible women who make it possible. Together, we are changing the narrative, one episode at a time.

What We Do

Why Us?

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Your Personal Sales SWAT Team

Picture this: a squad of deal-closing ninjas, hustling 24/7 to land you those juicy advertising gigs. That's not a daydream; that's your Tuesday when you're with SHe Podcasts. Our sales jedis have the inside track with advertisers who are practically frothing at the mouth to reach fierce femmes like your audience.

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The Cross-Promo Love Fest

Why settle for a solo when you can be part of a choir of kickass women? Your podcast gets the VIP treatment, advertised across our galaxy of goddess-led shows. It's like having a squad of influencers, only better, because they're all you.

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The Podcasting Hogwarts

Who needs a wand when you've got a mic? As a She Podcasts sorceress, you get the keys to our treasure trove of podcasting potions and spells. From “How to Make Your Voice Sound Like Velvet” to “Storytelling So Good, It Should Be Illegal,” we've got your educational cravings covered.

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The Golden Ticket to Growth

Being part of She Podcasts isn't just woke; it's a financial awakening. Advertisers are waking up to the fact that they need more Spice Girls and fewer Backstreet Boys. By joining our femme fatale collective, you're not just in the game; you're setting the rules.

How It Works

  1. FREE Hosting

    • We offer FREE hosting on Megaphone (Spotify.) If you already host with them, great! If not, we'll need to move your show to Megaphone in order to be part of the network. (It's super easy and we will take care of everything.)
  2. Make Some Choices

    • We'll have an intake call and go over what types of brands you think would make a good fit. We'll also work with you to find space in your episodes for dynamic ad insertion. (This is where the easy money is!) You'll always have the ability to say “no” to any advertiser in advance. 
  3. Get Paid

    • Once you're set up in the system, the ad requests will come rolling in! We'll act as your liaison and get all the materials and instructions you need, invoice the advertiser, and pay you out when we get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does THIS answer your question? (We hope so!)

Is there a contract if I join the network?

Yes! The contract is there to make sure that we  both know what is expected of us. It's a 12 month contract that can be cancelled with 30 days notice if either of us decide it's not a good fit. We only ask that you complete any ad campaigns that are already sold. 

Do you take a cut?

Yes, we sell your advertising and take 30% as our fee. We also sell direct digital ads to the Spotify Audience Network (SPAN) and don't take a cut of any sales below $100.

Why would I join this network over another?

One word: Collaboration. Not only do we want to collaborate with you, but we want you to get to know and collaborate with each other! Many networks promise this, but we do our best to make sure you'll feel like part of a team, no matter what. Between cross promotion and monthly meet ups, you'll have a gaggle of great podcasters in your pocket in no time. 

How much $ can I make by joining?

That is very subjective to the podcast you produce. The bigger the audience, the bigger the revenue – but sometimes, the smaller the niche, the bigger the revenue! We just need to work together to find the best possible opportunities for you. 

How does this coincide with the membership?

We have years and years worth of education and training available to help you grow your show and achieve your goals. When you join the network, you have automatic access to everything we have! And if we find that your show needs a little growth before being sellable, you can join the membership for a small fee. 

Let's Collaborate

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