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346 Oppositional Defiance and Celine Dion Challenges

346 Oppositional Defiance and Celine Dion Challenges

Jess and Elsie start off by responding to all kinds of feedback! Then on to, podcaster 💸  opportunities, some in the UK, some in Australia and some right here at home. And of course, a couple of quickie tool tips from Elsie!


JRE is NOT a Journalist

We were called out for calling JRE a journalist. He is not a journalist – Jess meant he’s part of the media. He’s a comedian who has a podcast. Period.

Podcaster Opportunities

[20:11] Danielle Desir will be sharing grants and paid opportunities on Substack to help podcasters take the next step in their business.

Click here for the link.

[16:30] gal-dem is teaming up with Acast to help promote the new Acast Amplifier program, offering financial grants of £2,500 and expertise in the industry to budding podcasters in the UK. If you have an idea for a podcast but need help getting it off the ground, Acast Amplifier is for you.

Click here for the link.

[19:30] Got a unique Australian story to tell? The Jesse Cox Audio Fellowship is back for a third year in a row, giving mid-career storytellers the opportunity to further their careers in audio. The fellowship is teaming up with Audiocraft once again to offer $15,000 in prize money for the winning applicant. The winner will also be offered a year-long professional development program, mentorship and networking opportunities, professional introductions and other various aspects of support relevant to their targeted niche.

Click here for the link.

Very Important Audio Feedback

[10:44] Patrick Keller would like Jess and Elsie to take on the #CelineDionChallenge on Tik Tok. Elsie said maybe, Jess said absolutely not. LOL.

Elsie’s Tool Tip

[37:40] Safari and Chrome have Tab Groups. Reduce the number of tabs you have open. With a simple right click, you can group your tabs together and label them with a custom name and color.

Shoutout to our Sponsors 

[21:59] Get your own Link Tree! Use the code SHEPODCASTS, and thank you so much for sponsoring the show. 🙏🏽

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Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

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