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329 The Nitty Gritty of Building A Podcast Network with Stephen Hackett from Relay FM

329 The Nitty Gritty of Building A Podcast Network with Stephen Hackett from Relay FM

A special co-host! Stephen Hackett! Co-founder of Relay FM and host of several shows on the network. KEY THING: Get to know about the Podcastathon, and Relay’s relationship with St. Jude. Stephen dives deep into the nuts and bolts of running a podcast network, including his workflow, management systems, and when they started hiring employees. For anyone looking to build something astounding with podcasting, you will be 🤯. Help Relay reach their goal and donate to St. Jude!

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  • A huge welcome to Stephen Hackett from Relay FM, and Elsie gushes
  • 2:43 What is the Podcastathon and why it’s so important to Stephen and his family
  • How the relationship between Relay.FM and St. Jude began
  • Since 2018, the Relay FM community has raised nearly $1 million for the kids of St. Jude
  • She Podcasts community! It’s time for you to donate!
  • “Podcasting can be a real force for good.” -Stephen
  • Podcasters can be an incredible conduit for change
  • 14:53 Starting a network, what does it really mean to start and run a network
  • The roots of Relay.FM and how they solved a problem that they wanted to solve for themselves
  • How the brand developed and informed the content that Relay created and developed through the network
  • The expansiveness of curiosity and obsessiveness is what keeps a cohesive vision
  • 22:04 Stephen shares about what he and Myke had set as their business plan
  • 26:03 What are the tools that were absolutely necessary to start the network
  • A content management system!
  • Advertising management system! Tracking, oh goodness
  • 35:49 The beginnings of starting a membership
  • Oh, the pivot of building the membership for real because of the pandemic
  • What it took to create the community, plus what they offered members
  • Long term is going to be more centered around the membership
  • 40:50 Just pivoting into a membership doesn’t mean that it will be successful
  • There is a difference between a business model and making money
  • Stephen bre
  • 45:22 Amazon Music! Get your show into amazon music, today! #sponsor
  • 47:47 Clara asks how to manage your files and workflow for said files
  • A really amazing breakdown of file management for podcasts, including what to keep, what to let go of and WHY!
  • Source content can be very valuable! And think about your future needs
  • Where you can connect with Stephen and buy your ticket for She Podcasts Live!


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