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318 Big Deals Apps and Affiliates

318 Big Deals, Apps and Affiliates

Elsie has the most fantastic co-host today, Danielle Corbett from WOC Podcasters! Elsie and Danielle dive straight into the news on Alexandra Cooper from ‘Call Her Daddy’ and Spotify, moving on to Idris and Sabrina Elba’s new podcast called ‘Coupledom,’ an Indiegogo campaign called The Qube, Super Follows, and affiliate features for Instagram.


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  • 2:00 News! Spotify Eyes Top Podcaster Alexandra Cooper, ‘Call Her Daddy’ Show for $20 Million
  • Call Her Daddy news! Elsie gives the entire saga about CHD and Alex Cooper and why all of this is important now
  • Elsie loves Alex because she does all the edits and shiz
  • 10:49 Idris and Sabrina Elba Launch ‘Coupledom’ Podcast
  • Also, the Luther movie is filming in September
  • 16:14 How is Audible doing with podcasts?
  • They are investing a lot of time in their podcasts and pushing it forward
  • If you want visibility in your show, invest time in Audible
  • The algorithm is different than Apple podcasts
  • “I’ve been able to find a bunch of shows on Audible.” -Elsie
  • 28:50 The Qube: A BIPOC-QTPOC Audio Streaming App
  • They are developing an app that centers and creates a space where black, brown, queer and trans people of color can celebrate their art
  • This is really an opportunity for you to invest in underrepresented creatives
  • “I hope this really succeeds and gets the funding it needs and deserves to push it forward.” -Danielle
  • The difference between discovery and consumption
  • There’s a lot of us that discover different shows in different places
  • 28:37 Feedback from Patrick Keller, “Please keep the birds.”
  • 30:00 Twitter may be close to launching Super Follows, as new research shows what it could look like
  • It’s creating a paywall for those who want exclusive content on Twitter
  • 37:06 Tool Tips! Instagram adds affiliate and shop features for creators
  • “I thought that this is good, but it feels late.” -Danielle
  • Is Instagram doing it for the content creators, or are they doing it for themselves?
  • 40:27 Podcasts are coming to Facebook, we don’t have details
  • 47:00 On Instagram, your audience can now just give you a badge and offer you a tip
  • 44:00 Time to talk about Danielle’s Facebook group for WOC Podcasters


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Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

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