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279 3 Second Delay

279 3 Second Delay

The one and only Skye Pillsbury, a confessed podcast junkie, joins the show today! And she shares why she’s leaving Inside Podcasting. We talk about the podcasting/entrepreneurship combination, and why Skye is looking for more freedom, then moving into the news, including loads of Spotify updates, True Crime drama, and Patreon vs. Owen Benjamin.

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  • Skye Pillsbury is here and she is HIP
  • 2:32 Why Skye is in Wyoming
  • 5:12 The experience of recording Inside Podcasting with Skye, in her closet, in the dark
  • 7:20 Leaving Inside Podcasting
  • Skye works for a company that asked her to create Inside Podcasting
  • Every day that Skye works for someone else, she isn’t building something for herself
  • Skye will keep everyone posted on her next moves
  • 15:49 Podfest Global Summit!
  • 17:33 NEWS: HTML Formatting in Spotify
  • HTML formatting is a no-brainer and way overdue for Spotify
  • The Michelle Obama Podcast features shareable quote cards
  • Who is picking these quotes?!
  • 24:08 ALSO: Spotify is claiming that their audience is increasing since the pandemic
  • Spotify is gearing up for a world with no RSS feeds
  • “No one should trust me because I have no financial background.” -Skye
  • 26:48 Our awesome sponsor Swell! Swellcast is in da house!
  • 29:20 True-Crime Podcasts are not doing enough for #BLM
  • First of all, true-crime podcasters are not set up to be journalists and reporters
  • Second of all, if you want to be included on a true-crime podcast, you need to start murdering people
  • 36:55 Owen Benjamin’s content got removed, and he got kicked off of Patreon
  • Listeners of Owen Benjamin are PISSED
  • Who is in charge of kicking people off of platforms?
  • 46:23 Ya’ll Produce your podcast is AAAAMAZING!!!
  • 50:10 Dirty Diana – John says it is well done, but it’s audio porn


Elsie Escobar

Elsie Escobar

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