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Templates, courses, webinars, case studies, presentations, checklists, cheat sheets, research and anything else we can collectively think up.

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Discussion – 


Discussion – 


186 Holding Downloads and Alexa Skills

186 Holding Downloads and Alexa Skills

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It took us two days to record this episode! You’ll get to hear all the behind the scenes troubleshooting as well as how one duct-tapes a podcast episode. But that’s not all! Elsie’s The E-League is open! Jess fills us in on holding downloads and what that means, we discuss reviews of Alex, Inc as well some super killer Text Expander workflow hacks. OH! And have you gotten your podcast Alexa Skill yet?

Speakpipe message! Or you can email We look forward to hearing from you

Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie is getting ready for The E-League! And what she has had to do to get ready!
  • The way that Jess gets ready for courses
  • Teaching workflows!!!
  • 11:38 a tip from our sponsor Emerald City Productions, all about microphones!
  • A bit of behind the scenes of what went down with recording this episode of She Podcasts
  • Elsie becomes a chipmunk! For real, you guys!
  • Elsie is now using an H6 as her microphone, at least for the moment
  • The big announcement! OMG we have over 9k women in the She Podcasts FB Group!
  • We have t-shirts, and how Jess got TeePublic messed up!
  • Jess calls out Elsie on the fact that she didn’t watch Alex, Inc and yet was sharing nasty reviews about it
  • What Jessica thought about Alex, Inc.
  • Elsie and John commit to watching Alex, Inc and giving their opinions
  • 32:34 Time to attend Podcast Movement because TV and mainstream conversations will be happening, and we need to be exposed to them
  • Shout-out to Aaron Mahnke for his partnership with How Stuff Works
  • OMGOSH Connie Britton to star on Dear, John!
  • Jess goes into what “holding downloads” means, and we go into the weeds
  • You guys, if Apple isn’t part of the equation, no soup for you!
  • Sell based on your influence and your creativity that goes beyond an audio audience
  • Downloads aren’t all that, in no way are they a reflection of how much success you have or how much money you make with your podcast
  • 52:55 Tool Tips brought to your by Text Expander!
  • John give us the scoop of what it’s been like after a month of Text Expander 😎
  • Elsie’s cool use of Text Expander for formatting with text symbols (here’s a couple ♥ ▸ (✿◠‿◠) (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚
  • Have you got your own Alexa Skill!!!???? You can! You must listen to find out exactly why it’s important!
  • We hit 9k during the show! Yeay!

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