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Discussion – 


Discussion – 


121 iTunes Search Play, Bookstores and No Wifi!

121 iTunes Search Play, Bookstores and No Wifi!

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Show 121 Super Quick Re-cap!

  • Elsie and Jess as 5 year olds and Polly Flinders dresses
  • Make your Podfusion plans right now!!!! February in Orlando all!!!
  • Well, it’s not mofo, it’s fomo, says Jess to Elsie
  • Vegan Thanksgiving feedback “What movie has a shepherd’s pie in it?”
  • Potatoes are not Elsie’s thing and more Thanksgiving food prep, loves and not
  • Discovering what’s inside an Oreo
  • News!
    • Make sure that you pay attention to some very specific dates from Apple before you launch
    • GAH! vs ACK!
    • Peeps! We reveal what you have to do to win a free year of hosting for Libsyn!
  • It seems that Jess has really gone down the Star Trek train and isn’t so stoked about Star Wars
  • Why Elsie LOVED the Star Wars article in the NY Times and why it’s good for all She Podcasters
  • Jess breaks down her love of Star Trek and where to start
  • All right people…wifi in your bookstore or NOT
  • Bookstores should not tell people what to do
  • And then there is the discussion of two opposing articles that kinda say the same thing and it seems that Elsie and Jess are confused about what they initially said
  • How amazing in the column on the New Statesman? Elsie thinks it’s super rad
  • Reese Witherspoon is doing some female-centric work, including podcasts!
  • RadioPublic…we discuss the app…and a CALL TO ACTION from our listeners to engage with the app to see if it will in reality work to solve the problems they are wanting to solve
  • Elsie and Jess do some ‘googling’ in the iTunes store for podcast episodes
  • Don’t try to be cute with the way you name your episodes in iTunes
  • When did you first see your vulva #micdrop
  • OH! Thank you Sarah for your support of She Podcasts!!!!

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