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Templates, courses, webinars, case studies, presentations, checklists, cheat sheets, research and anything else we can collectively think up.

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Discussion – 


Discussion – 


034 She Answers Podcasting Questions Session 1

She Answers Podcasting Questions Session 1

Show 034 Quick-Guide

  • The first solo show!!!
  • Some super cool tools coming into the scene to record your interviews shows!
  • Q – what are the best Calls To Action for your show?
  • Q – how does iTunes determine the popularity of a show?
  • Q – what are some practical tips to get mega names on your show?
  • Q – how to get your podcast discovered by more listeners?
  • Q – how far in advance do you come up with ideas for the show? Is it spontanius/wing it or do you plan out?
  • Q – is having an app for your show worth it?
  • Danny Pena joins in and answers the question!
  • Q – is there a template invitation to recruit guests that you can share?
  • Q – what are some of the best practices for leveraging and maximizing a niche market?
  • Q – how do you go about getting press for your podcast, is that something you suggest?
  • Q – I’d like to know about your tips to get into New and Noteworthy for new podcasts.


Sooooooooooo….that was the first solo show. Whatcha think?



Would this be ok occasionally?

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