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Templates, courses, webinars, case studies, presentations, checklists, cheat sheets, research and anything else we can collectively think up.

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Discussion – 


Discussion – 


025 It’s The One About Podfading

Show 025 Quick-Guide

  • The baby’s here!!!
  • Oh yes. The Podfading definition.
  • We discuss Cliff Ravenscraft’s post on how many newpodcasts had already podfaded.
  • Elsie’s dream: to interview podcasters that have podfaded.
  • Pretty hardcore numbers on how many podcasters ‘podfade,’ provided by Elsie.
  • Jessica breaks out iTunes again!
  • Conclusion: podcasting is HARD. Ya.
  • Podcasting is never ever. You are always launching.
  • In order for you to get your podcast together it needs to align with your precise lifestyle.
  • Jess’s confession about her dreams of podcast episodes in the can – not so much.
  • Bottom line: you either have it in you to do the hard work or you do not.
  • Elsie has in fact podfaded. She knows what’s up.
  • Your podcast workflow with yourself OR with a co-host is a key to not podfading, in addition to making sure your are clear of what you can commit to.
  • What you expect as a payoff and what you get as a payoff might be different.
  • Downloads and PEOPLE are different. Just FYI.
  • You don’t seep into your listeners life if you fade.
  • One of the biggest pay-offs for Jessica is being "noticed’ a lot more.
  • When you first start it feels super awkard regardless of how many courses you take and how many tutorials you do!
  • OMG. A Jessica rant. Delicious. (listen at your own risk if you have stock questions for your podcast)
  • When having the same questions for an interview format really works.
  • Hints of how to get the answers that you’re looking for from an interview.
  • We do a little chatting about how to interview Chris Brogan.
  • What’s the answer that you are really looking for?


If you are considering podfading, what’s the scoop on why?

Links mentioned by Jess and Elsie!


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Elsie Escobar

1 Comment

  1. Podcastcoach

    This was such a great episode. I loved the passion and how much of this was just you two talking from the heart. I LOL when Jess said I’m a good writer, I’m a good uuuuuh talker cause…… that was awesome then she called herself on it. Happy Baby time. Keep up the great work, and great job thinking ahead to do these ahead.


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