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18 Great Web Tools for Podcasters

As a community leader of She Podcasts, I’m fortunate to have access to some of the greatest female podcasting minds there are. This month, I decided to tap into that resource to bring you the best non-podcasting tools for your podcast – straight from the brilliant babes themselves! These podcasters vary greatly in technical prowess, show subject, and format but all of these tools are super helpful in getting the podcasting job done.

My personal favorite non-podcasting tool is Evernote. (www.evernote.com) I love using Evernote for my show notes – I have every pre-questionnaire in there and I love referring back to them for juicy e-books. Evernote also has my intro/outro scripts and templates for guest maintenance. The notes are easily shared and it’s super easy to search for what you need in there, even if the notes aren’t tagged.

So much goes into creating a podcast. Besides the technical aspect of recording and uploading a show, there can almost always be a need for organizational tools, marketing tools, tools for sharing documents with co-hosts and/or guests, and below, there’s even a tool for gauging when you’re at your emotional and hormonal best to create a great show.



“ONE ::: NValt a fork of Notational Velocity a Mac plain text app. I have ALL of my blog posts + shownotes in there. With one key shortcut it exports out into HTML, so I can quickly copy paste onto the blog.  If I had to give EVERYTHING up and could only keep one app for my Mac (text related, not production related) I could run almost my entire business with NValt ONLY.  http://brettterpstra.com/projects/nvalt/ TWO ::: TextExpander for Mac. My template for shownotes is in there, so when I start a new file for the next episode I type my short cut and it automagically populates the entire template. http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/index.html-Elsie Escobar, www.shepodcasts.com, www.libsyn.com

“Google Drive! (https://drive.google.com) My team and I share interview notes (to create the blog post), social media content, and graphics through Google Drive. AND Asana, where we manage the workflow of each episode and keep track of potential guests, etc.”  – Amy Scott, http://www.nomadtopia.com/

“SocialOomph (www.socialoomph.com) – I have a queue of past episodes that go out in my Twitter feed. Set it and forget it. YAY!” – Lauren Gaggioli, www.higherscorestestprep.com

“Facebook! (www.facebook.com) I use it to promote my shows, find guests and maintain a community related to my show. It’s not a tool per se, but it kinda is right? And, of course, to connect with other podcasters on things that happen along the way.” -Maggie Patterson, www.maggiepatterson.com

“Google spreadsheet (http://docs.google.com) – I share with my VA which includes the description, keywords, resources, tweets to use in the post.” – Sandy Sidhu, www.sandysidhumedia.com

“Meet Edgar www.meetedgar.com for social media has been huge for me! Also Click to Tweet – another goodie!” – Christy Haussler, http://www.teampodcast.com/

“Most definitely use Hormone Horoscope (http://hormonehoroscope.com/) to know which days my voice sounds best to record, and which days I’m more outgoing & peppy for my interviews. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve recorded in Week 4 and thought it was a flop interview. Now I save myself the agony and only record in Week 1 & 2.” – Heather Rampolla, www.heatherrampolla.com

“Streak!! (https://www.streak.com/) Gmail plugin that turns gmail into a crm with workflows that allow me to manage my contacts through the guest booking process. Best. Thing. Ever. And it’s free!” – Lauren Firestein,  InspiringMama.com/subscribe

“Canva (www.canva.com) and Share As Image (www.shareasimage.com) to create Memes with quotes from my podcasts to share throughout social media.” – Erin Smith, http://thestartersclub.com/

“I use OmniOutliner (http://www.omnigroup.com/omnioutliner) to prepare my outline and gather information/references. I just learned that I can export my outline as html to paste directly into the post in WordPress for the show notes, so I might give that a try. I use Evernote (www.evernote.com) to gather articles and resources to use for each episode, and that’s where I maintain my list of topic ideas and potential guests, etc. – Laura McClelland, http://www.laura-mcclellan.com

“TRELLO (www.trello.com) for keeping track of interviews and episodes and adding ideas to episodes. I also use it to communicate with my co-host.” – Pilar Pi

“Feedly (www.feedly.com) , Pocket (https://getpocket.com/), & OneNote (http://www.onenote.com/). Feedly to keep track of articles from my fav sources, Pocket to save, tag, and categorize, OneNote for all my show notes.” – Krystal O’Connor

“Scheduleonce it’s the ONLY way I can keep track of my interview recording schedule. LOVE.” – Michelle Talbert, http://herpowerhustle.com/ListenNow

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