Elsie Escobar

279 3 Second Delay

The one and only Skye Pillsbury, a confessed podcast junkie, joins the show today! And she shares why she’s leaving Inside Podcasting. We talk about the podcasting/entrepreneurship combination, and why Skye is looking for more freedom, then moving into the news, including loads of Spotify updates, True Crime drama, and Patreon vs. Owen Benjamin. Have …

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277 Crue Trime

Get the scoop on our new She Podcasts Store! Plus all the fun we have planned for the Super Squad, we are super excited! We then dive right into Apple’s podcast and Apple Podcasts news, The Google Podcast Creator Program and Spotify’s Sound Up UK edition, and a passionate discussion on what Leo Laporte’s concern …

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275 Dude

Guys, dude, gendered language, and independence day. We have follow-ups about Mueller, She Wrote, and we continue to dive into a complex discussion on IP, owning your back catalogue, contracts, ownership and all kinds of other stuff that the growing podcasting industry now has to deal with. And of course, we finish off talking about …

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270 Joe Who?

Ya, not about anybody named Joe, but it is all about Call Her Daddy. We break it down for you! The story of the boyfriend breaking up 2 BFFs is alive, people, alive and well. And we drop some other nuggets about Groupon, generators and OnlyFans…omg. Have you checked out our sponsor Memberful? Wow! Are …

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265 We’re Here To Amuse You With Our Linguistics

Our weekly check-ins are getting longer but we do try to amuse you! And we learn oh so much about the drastic way in which Elsie, Jess and John do ‘life’. Covering #Reviews4Good, Podapalooza, 1 million podcasts in Apple Podcasts, Cutthroat, Inc. and new awesome browser recorders! Send us your feedback, email feedback@shepodcasts.com! We can’t …

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264 Local Masks

We are now officially recording live in the She Podcasts Super Squad! An update on showers, workflows and dealing with the whole stay-at-home life. Great initiatives to support everyone during this time, local and podcast-centric, sharing some of the latest releases from RODE microphones and firmware updates! Send us your feedback, email feedback@shepodcasts.com! We can’t …

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262 Quarantine: Good Or Bad For Podcasters So Far?

Really? A Forced Staycation? Not quite, right? And we’re thinking we’re going to be doing live streaming into the Super Squad each time we record, yay! We cover advertising, podcast consumption behavior based on categories, and countries. We also discuss bandwidth issues and how we are all adjusting to our new lives with Elsie revealing …

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